Clueless rules


challenge your constraints

Every Clueless tour has a destination and a specified number of days riding to get there in. 


Obey the lore of local legends

Options for Tomorrow’s ride or ‘path less travelled’ is made on a recommendation of a local legend met on the trail. 


let others determine your trail

Every day’s trail and challenge is posted and then chosen by you, our fans. So you don’t follow us, we follow you. That means going wherever the trail takes us.


live off the road

We have a limited daily budget, which means we must live off the bounty and generosity of the trail. That also includes the beer!


Never go the same way twice

There is little point riding over old ground, so every recommended trail is different and every experience unique.


Never turn back

Returning is cheating. So we have to push on, no matter where the trail leads us.


live to tell the tale

We provide regular updates (video, blogs and posts) through a range of popular channels, so you our Clueless fans can vicariously live the trail with us.