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In this series



The return to big city, exploring the remarkable that is México city.

August 8th to 26th, 2022

I remember the first time I flew into Ciudad de México (CDMX). Five am, September 2010.  Below me all I could see were the stars and scattered patches of pueblos, slowly merging like frayed fabric into one single blanket of light, smothering the vast valle de México. And later in the yellow glow of afternoon sun, I was held close within the swirl and sway of a smokey Norteño in the heart of Alameda Central… I was smitten. I had fallen in love with this place. A love affair that would make me call its faded edificios ‘my home’.

Well that was ten years ago and in the turmoil of life since, it’s been well over five years since I’ve returned. This isn’t a single tour, more a campaign to rediscovery old memories, friends and quiet places in the heart.

Starting in August with CDMX and its surrounds, this will be a collection of vignettes of life as I try to regain a foothold back in the big city.

There is so much of this in Centro Historico.  This Iglesia squeezed between to equally elegant edificios.
Let the day begin
The Aztec god of rain, with supernatural powers to this day. When moved to CDMX in 1963, it rained incessantly for days, being the wettest period in recorded history  in the valleys dry season.
 #Ciclovia #MéxicoCity #MuseoNacionaldeAntropología
Sam Ángel.
Casa de los delfines. Part of the former Hacienda San Angel in 1786. It’s a lovely ally in the heart of San Ángel.
San Ángel. Once a small village outside CDMX. It has been swallowed whole. But it’s interior of cobbles streets and old stucco remain.
I haven’t been here in a while. The Basílica de Guadalupe.  The north of Ciclovia CDMX
Sunday Ciclovia in the city. As thousands reclaim the roads.
Catedral Metropolitana. Built from 1573 - 1813, Situated on top of the former Aztec sacred site of Templo major.

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