About Clueless

our purpose

In a world where anyone can know anything at any time, have we lost the art of getting lost?

Being lost is the prerequisite for searching. And without searching we would lose the joy that comes with finding. In our instant everything world, there is nothing we like more than being found.

So the importance of getting lost, should not be lost on us. In fact there is nothing to lose in getting lost and everything to gain. New experiences, yarns and many yet-to-be-met old friends.

The question is, how do you get lost, when you can so easily be found?’ The answer is beautiful in it’s simplicity. 

‘To get completely lost, you have to be completely clueless.’

You have to let your path be determined by others, live with the consequences and vicariously share the adventure.

That is the purpose of Clueless trails: to let you choose the trail, while we tell the tale.

We’re an interactive cycle touring travelogue that lets others participate and vicariously share in the experience.


in this series

‘There is a house
in New Orleans,
they call the rising sun,
and it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy, and god I know I’m one…
or so the story goes’

Our first Clueless trail is to track down that house of ill repute. 

Hitting the trail from Houston, Texas on September sixth, we have ten days riding east into uncertainty. Touring the parishes and lazy backwater bayous of L’Acadiane – Cajun Louisiana, containin’ all them temptin’ halligator n’ craw, oh so sweet and delicious.’ 

Our job is to arrive, your job is to get us there.  

Follow along if you want to share in the experience.